The Catalyst Signature Program

Meaningful mentoring for business + founder

What is the Catalyst Signature Program?

Developed over 15 years, The Catalyst Signature Program is the culmination of entrepreneur Jennifer Maggiore's proprietary and most effective content and systems for scaling your business sanely. Join us for this small-group mentoring program for high-potential women entrepreneurs. Over 12 months, you'll work with Jennifer one-on-one, participate in group training calls, and meet with your group for four in-person retreat days in Seattle and Scottsdale. Together, we will evaluate and optimize every part of your business, and you'll:

  • make decisions about your business from a place of empowerment
  • regain control of your time and results 
  • build a soul-satisfying lifestyle while laying a financial foundation that exceeds your needs
  • get a handle on your pricing, marketing, sales, and operations
  • enjoy the support and camaraderie of other powerful, likeminded businesswomen
  • get the personalized guidance and accountability you need to be successful

“Jennifer is truly a joy to work with. In just a few sessions, I’ve gained so much clarity about the direction I want to take my business. She’s smart, strategic and wildly creative. What I really love is how she listens to me… there’s no one-size-fits-all… but she’ll also gently push me outside my comfort zone and challenge me to think in a way I never have. Best of all, she genuinely cares about my success." -Barbara Huson (formerly Barbara Stanny), Leading Authority on Women, Wealth, + Power; author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming and Sacred Success.

How Does the Signature Program Work?

  • receive your email welcome package, outlining the program and key dates 
  • get your hardcopy of Jennifer's Catalyst for Clarity Business Planner, a streamlined approach to defining your goals and translating them into action
  • join the group monthly training calls starting in early June to learn more about the business systems you need to focus on for success, and schedule monthly one-on-one calls with Jennifer to tailor what you learn to your business
  • gain access to our private Facebook Group for day-to-day support - share, ask questions, and get help when you need it. 
  • join us for four inspiring retreats throughout the year, the first of which is in Seattle, June 20 + 21st

Envision it now – you, confident. Proud. In-control of your results. You’ll have a streamlined plan that informs big decisions about your life and business. You’ll have the community support and expert mentoring to reimagine your life and your business in very big ways. Feel comfortable in your power and say yes to what you really want - knowing you have the support and accountability to actually make it happen.  

Questions? Click here to schedule a call and find out if the Catalyst Signature Program is right for you.

"Jennifer's record speaks for itself and I was interested in learning more about her group. It was so much more than what I was expecting - the other attendees are proven, successful business owners willing to share and collaborate. I honestly took so much away – a whole list of ideas and things to do and ponder now to help move my business forward, it really over delivered! I’m glad I joined the group, I have seriously learned more in my first 2 weeks then I have in the past year, and recommend it to women entrepreneurs!" -Karen B

Enroll Now to Reserve Your Rpost

  • Catalyst for Clarity Business Planner - If a business plan and a goal-setting planner had a baby, this is what you'd get; everything you need to follow the program and optimize your business in one place
  • 12 Exclusive Group Training Calls - implement and refine the business systems you need to grow 
  • 12 One-on-one Mentoring Video Calls with Jennifer - get the support you need to hold the vision for your success, tailor what you learn to your business, and remain accountable to your goals throughout the program  
  • 4 Inspiring Retreats - meet with the group twice in Seattle (June and December) and twice in Scottsdale (September and March) to stay on track, and for support and camaraderie; address the inner, outer, and spiritual work for success
  • Please note that payments are non-refundable but they are transferrable - we are investing in you the moment you register; Early bird pricing and bonuses end at 11:59pm PST on May 24, 2019.

It's all going to happen for you. Don't wait another minute, reserve your spot now.

Questions? Click here to schedule a call and find out if the Catalyst Signature Program is right for you.

A Note from Jennifer Maggiore 

Jennifer Maggiore, CEO + Founder, Catalyst Branding + Business Consulting  

As a successful serial entrepreneur since 2005, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who thought long hours and struggling were part of “the hustle” (I used to be one of them). We bang our heads against the wall, wondering what we can do to rise above the plateau. We often feel alone and begin to believe that this is what it is to be self-employed.

Your goals and dreams weren't built on creating a life of struggle. You don't have to keep going around and around in your own mind. Stop feeling frustration, confusion, or lack, and start thinking about your purpose, and the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family. Stop feeling stuck and start growing your business like the powerful, creative woman entrepreneur that you are. Stop wishing, hoping and waiting and start implementing grounded, repeatable, effective systems that will grow your business intentionally and sanely. Most importantly, honor yourself in the process.

• If you’re sick of overpriced, cookie cutter, phony coaching bravado, this program is for you

• If you’ve felt alone, helpless, bored, anxious or fed up, this program is for you

• If you’ve felt like business used to come easily and something has changed, this program is for you

• If you’re dreaming of doing things differently – serving a new kind of client, increasing your fees, making a more significant impact or serving a higher purpose this program is for you  

This program includes the most effective strategies and tactics that I’ve developed over my years of experience, and that I’ve seen my clients leverage for the greatest success. I invite you to request a call with a member of my team to learn more and see if it's right for you.

Questions? Click here to schedule a call and find out if the Catalyst Signature Program is right for you.