We recently completed the live version of the Catalyst Morning Challenge – It was very popular and received with much enthusiasm, I am sure we’ll do it again. In the meantime, we’ve had requests for a self-guided version, so here it is!

I’m excited to support you in making long-lasting changes that will move you forward toward your goals. You’ll be inspired by reading stories from women leaders will share their morning routines, and you’ll start taking steps toward your goals, and journaling about how your morning routine impacts the rest of your day.

Studies show that routine is highly effective – much more effective than will power or trying to change your behavior. That’s because routine becomes habit, or “autopilot,” those actions that we don’t even think about. And, if we take those actions early in the day toward our goals, they’re completed before the distractions of the day have set in.

Sign up here to get your journal, instructions, and links to all of the articles. Questions? Email me at admin@brandwithcatalyst.com. Enjoy!

Catalyst Morning Challenge